About The Devils Zone
Meet the guy who spews this nonsense.
The Devils Zone and everything on it, for better or worse, is the brainchild of Nick Casale. That’s me on the right, along with my son and Mr. Devil, Ken Daneyko. Dano was kind enough to skate with my beer-league team at Mennen Arena one night a few years back, and that’s when I snagged this pic.
Now that you know what I look like, let me give you my background. I’m a formally trained journalist (Glassboro State ’89) and an ex-newspaper reporter. So I’d like to think that gives me a little more cred than the proverbial “12-year-old kid in his mom’s basement” that lots of folks think of when they hear the word “blogger.”  
Also, while The Devils Zone is a labor of love, I am a professional writer by day—specifically, Creative Director for a pharmaceutical advertising agency. That stuff about nausea, suicidal thoughts, and erections lasting more than 4 hours that you hear at the the end of drug commercials? That’s pretty much my world Monday through Friday. So when a sports/guy stuff Website called Tailgate365 put a post on Facebook looking for someone to blog about the Devils back in 2009, I jumped at the chance. 
About a year into that gig, the guys who hosted that blog lost half my stuff when migrating to a new server. And of course, I had no backup. I was crushed! Because along with my motivation, lost in that move were such gems as:
Bat’s Piss: a look at some Devils who shined like a shaft of gold in the darkness that was the first half of the 2010-2011 season (borrowing from Monty Python’s Oscar Wilde sketch)
Yipee Ki Yay, Mother Pucker: How only Die Hard’s John McClane could’ve the Devils from our own John MacLean in ’10-’11
Jumping the Zhark: a point/counterpoint debate about the relative merits of Devils prospect Vladimir Zharkov, by guest bloggers Glaz Haffle and Hal Fempty   
When I decided to start blogging again, I was determined to do it right. So I created The Devils Zone to not only host my blog, but also to provide an outlet for some other bits of hockey hokeyness, like:
 My Chris Berman-esque list of  
“Nick’s Names” 
 My contributions to the world’s “Separated at Birth” collection
 My thoughts on the horrific blight on the NHL known as Gary Bettman, supplemented by some Bettman-bashing Photoshops I’ve come across on the Web
Now a few words about what you won’t find here. The Devils Zone is not the place to turn for late-breaking news. You won’t find too many in-depth game recaps. And if you’re looking for advanced statistical analysis...well, the only reason I’m glad Corsi is a thing is that it enabled me to dig up this old hockey card.> 
But if you’re a fan of the Devils or hockey in general who just likes to have a good laugh now and then, I hope you find it here. 
Skate with your head up,
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