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Before I started The Devils Zone, I wrote a blog called In Marty We Trust, part of the Tailgate365 network. Unfortunately, a server error made a good chunk of those posts pull an Adrian Foster and disappear. But I was able to resurrect some of the earlier stuff from those days. Hope you like...

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Zone-ing Out
In which I wax poetic about things with a tenuous-at-best relationship to the Devils and/or hockey. 

Over The Edge?
Though he grew up in Toronto, retired WWE Superstar Edge (aka Adam Copeland, his real name; and Sexton Hardcastle, possibly the best ring name ever) is a huge Devils fan. 
Edge had a kick-ass entrance theme called Metalingus, by Alter Bridge. 
Alter Bridge also has a song called Blackbird.
Blackbird is more than a great song and the band’s crowning achievement. To me, it is The Definition Of Music. 
Lame segue, I know. But click here anyway to see why this masterpiece earns such lofty praise.

Exposing the Webb of Lies
With the World Juniors over and the NHL semi-season yet to begin, I tuned in to the BCS National Championship game Monday night. And like the rest of the country, I was totally captivated by this gorgeous thang purportedly dating Alabama QB AJ McCarron.
But being the cynic that I am, I sensed a more nefarious purpose at work here. And after a little more digging, my suspicions were confirmed. Seems Katherine Webb is not actually dating McCarron, but instead was one of those “product placement fans” networks put in the stands so they can use the downtime between plays to cross-promote one of their stupid shows nobody cares about. In this case, it’s an upcoming “Bachelorette-esque” reality show called Alabama Slam ’Er, starring Webb and hosted by Brent Musburger. Get the full (made up) story here.
Gratuitous Movie Reference

“Spaling get your foot off the Pominville!”
Inspired, of course, 
by the late, great 
Ted Knight.
Gio-political Goofiness
When the Devils played the Montreal Canadiens last year, it was a special night for the Gionta family. Not only did Brian and Stephen face each other for the first time as NHL regulars, but they also got to skate the flags out pre-game.