O Brother, Where Art Thou?
Special feature to The Devils Zone
Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?
Special section of The Devils Zone

...Dave “Killer” Carlson
pioneered the hockey vampire look
Slap Shot.

Long before PJ Stock
brought the turned-up collar to
Hockey Night In Canada...

Marcus Mumford
(of “& Sons” fame), whose band scored a big hit a few years back  with “Little Lion Man.”

Ilya Kovalchuk,
who cost the Devils a 1st round pick and a shit-ton of money thanks to the “Little Lyin’ Man” in the Commissioner’s office.

80’s Hair Metal Hearthrob
Kip Winger

Rangers GQ Guy
Hank Lundqvist

Matthew McConaughey,
a bolt of lightning to the hearts
of women everywhere

Ryan Malone
back when he played for the
Tampa Bay Lightning

When the Manti Te’o saga brought Catfish guy Nev Schulman back into the public eye...

Mr. Creosote,
Monty Python’s
“Fuck Off I’m Full” Guy

Mark Donnelly,
the Vancouver Canucks’
Awesome Anthem Guy

Conservative Talk Shark
Sean Hannity

San Jose Shark
Patrick Marleau

Is it just me, or do some of these guys look like they could be related?
If you have any “separated at birth” candidates of your own, please send ’em my way.

Lake Como,
formerly the town
of South Belmar, NJ

Blake Comeau,
formerly the Islanders
2nd-round pick

...made me wonder if he’s ever
been seen in the same room as Ryan Miller.

Wanna-be hockey star
Denis Leary

Real-life hockey star
David Backes

Photographic evidence that Ryane Clowe just might be Ryane Clone—
spawned from the DNA of
Doug Weight and Bradley Cooper.

Winger Patrick Kane, who routinely runs around kiiling it in the Madhouse on Madison.

Actor Max Thieriot, who ran around killing people in The House at the End of the Street.

Pascual Dupuis

Another guy at a recent
Penguins game

I’d love to take credit for this Reid Boucher/Lloyd Christmas comparison, but the resemblance was actually mentioned by someone on Twitter a couple years ago.