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OK, we all know about Chris Berman and his corny yet oh-so-genius nicknames (like Lance “You’ve Sunk My” Blankenship, Oscar Azocar “Named Desire,” and Ross “I Never Promised You A” Baumgarten). And we all know how ESPN feels about hockey (like, “Oh yeah, that sport we no longer acknowledge since they left our network”).

So allow me to fill the void (Phil DeVoyd?) with my own silly nomen-play-ture. And please send your own suggestions my way.

More Name Games

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. Oliver Ekman-Larsson. Devante Smith-Pelly.  If this disturbing trend of men with hyphenated surnames continues, can it be long before some guy named  Brandon 
Wheat-King makes his NHL debut?

Curtis “Glengary” Glencross

A.B.C. Always Be Checking.

Martin “You Dirt” Erat

Not laughing hysterically? Say it aloud, in your best James Cagney gangster voice.

Legendary announcer Mike Emrick give us:

“One Horse Open” Salei

Mark Letestu “Baby”

“Take Off You” Holzer

Apparently there’s no truth to the
rumor that

had a linemate
in Juniors named
Lenny Spocknimoy

...although I did find this picture on the Web, so apparently someone has a sense of humor as warped as mine.

Michal Rozsival
“Ashore, Halelujah.”

OK, this one’s really obscure, if you’re not a fan of 60’s folk music or Negro spirituals.

Chuck “A Boy Named” Kobasew

The Man in Black...and Vegas Gold

How do the Flyers come up with this endless stream of  tough guys? I mean, they seem to do it...
“Time And” Tye McGinn

Am I The Only One Who
Feels the Uncontrollable 
Urge To Say...

“No I don’t” 
every time a radio 
announcer says 
“Jussi Jokinen”?

whenever I hear a 
play-by-play guy say: 
“Brian Lee”?
(Ok, “tch” for all 
you purists)

“Stempy! You Eeeeeediot!”
every time someone says the name 
“Lee Stempniak”?

Travis “Black Snake” Moen

An image every bit as creepy as
the movie that inspired it.

Cal “I Can’t Believe It’s Not” Clutterbuck

From the “Opposites Attract” Department

Honorable Mention
These are so easy, they don’t even deserve their own picture.

Jay Feaster “Famine”
Alex Killorn “To Be Wild”
Dion “Enough’s” Phaneuf
James Reimer “Reason”
Michael Bournival “Christian”
RJ “I Will Gladly Pay You Tuesday For An” Umberger “Today”